The primary goal of the administration is to make sure the game remains active and robust by providing the playerbase with a strong RP environment and actively managing TinyPlots and other scenarios through Game Masters.

To see the list of current Administrators, type +staff.

Staff Positions
-> Head Wizard - Enforces the rules and appoints other wizards. Coordinates the overall progress of the SWR.
-> Wizards - Usually in charge of a certain department, such as code, the grid, RP, theme etc.
-> Royalty - Sub-wizards. Assist with different departments, enforces the polices, rules and RP of SWR.
-> Builder - Assists in the creation of planets, ships, cities, space and zones.
-> Game Master - Oversees the creation and execution of tiny plots and RP. Enforces SWR rules and to mediate disputes between players.
-> Faction Head - Represents, in an IC/OOC manner, each faction. Faction Heads manage the faction, and coordinates with other faction heads.

In an effort to make SWR stay true to its open and fair nature, transparency is essential. Therefore, all Wizards are required to make their identities known, as are Royals. Wizards and Royals are allowed to use Wiz-bit alts, but are not allowed to keep their identity secret. However, Faction Heads are only allowed alts within the same faction.

Game Masters are the only administrators allowed secrecy: this is done to prevent conflicts of interest, although they are allowed to let their identities be known if they so choose.

Dark? Wizards are allowed to be Dark - sometimes. If their workload is simply too much (busy coding and dealing with other issues), they are allowed to remain dark for the duration of their busy period. However, if they are just sitting around unoccupied, they must be set !DARK. Royalty are only allowed to be DARK if they are away and unavailable, or simply way too busy. Otherwise, they must be set !DARK. Faction Heads must never be set DARK. It is bad form to be set DARK all the time.

If a Wizard or Royalty is set DARK, is it highly encouraged NOT to page them - for being set DARK means they are busy and unavailable. If contact is necessary, use @mail or contact another staffer. If it is a case of urgency, the Wizard or Royalty will find out through the Staff channel.

List of Staff Members


    / Head Wiz


    / Space Wiz


    / Code Wiz


    / Rhost Code


    / RP Wiz


    / Theme Wiz


    / Code Support


    / Code Support


    / Retired


    / Grid Staff

Game Masters go here
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