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Black Market

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Smuggling is the clandestine shipment of illegal goods, or even clandestine shipment of legal goods to prevent taxation or some other impediment.

Smuggling thrived under the Galactic Empire, for there were many items which the Empire wished to control for various reasons. For instance, spice: the Empire didn't necessarily care about the physiological repercussions that spice might cause to its citizens, but they wished to control the traffic of spice so that they might benefit from it financially (and also so that their opponents would not benefit from it).

Another example is gunrunning: the Empire wanted to control weapons availability in order to prevent criminals, and even more so, insurgents, such as the Rebel Alliance, from being well-armed.

Smugglers can make a decent living - and in some cases command great financial success if they are good enough at what they do. On the MUSH smuggling characters are often employed by one of the various criminal orgs either on a job to job basis or under a long-term arrangment. Some criminal organizations, such as Black Sun, and Maffi / Zhao are difficult to sever ties with however once a deep relationship is formed. Often seemingly legitimate shipping and frieght companies enjoy a lucrative, under the table smuggling operation. Their legitimate front affords them the luxury of eased security and customs searched aboard their ships.


Bounty hunters were a mercenary police force of the Galaxy, tracking and capturing or killing anyone with a price on their head. A good bounty hunter was very well armed and very dangerous. There were, however, plenty of incompetent specimens throughout the Galaxy, lacking any real skill but wishing to get rich quick or have an adventure.

Bounty hunters usually worked alone, although they sometimes did form partnerships. Partnering with a bounty hunter could be very dangerous business, though, as they typically valued their personal gain—and survival—above that of their companions.


There were a number of guilds associated with bounty hunters, the largest of most well-known being the Bounty Hunters Guild. However, it was often plagued with infighting and a general lack of cooperation between its members, climaxing with its virtual self-destruction during the Bounty Hunter Wars. There were other organizations, such as the House of Benelex, that served the same purpose.

Most bounties were presented to a guild unless the presenter was able to contact the hunters directlty. Posted bounties would be then be sent to hunters affiliated with the guild and the hunt would be on. This was the most common method of hiring hunters, for the vast majority of galactic citizens were not able (or chose not) to contact the hunters themselves. Those who could included Jabba the Hutt, Prince Xizor, Darth Vader, and intermediaries like Ku'dar Mu'bat.

There was a Code among bounty hunters that attempted to establish a fair playing field for competing hunters. Ostensibly, the Code kept hunters in line, yet it rarely worked and was never enforced.


Bounty hunters are almost always mistrusted and feared by locals around the Galaxy. This is because their line of work is so often dangerous and frightening. Many famous hunters have earned reputations as fearsome as the most horrific Sith Lords and criminals the Galaxy has ever seen. Hunters such as Calo Nord and Jango Fett became household names, though neither reached the unparalleled infamy of Boba Fett.

Generally, bounty hunters remained neutral during times of galactic conflict. They have been known to favor one side or another, although do not officially join any one group. For example, the aforementioned Calo Nord and Jango Fett worked with the Sith during the Jedi Civil War and prior to the Clone Wars, respectively. Boba Fett often worked for the Empire and even had a professional relationship of mutual respect with Darth Vader. The Rebel Alliance rarely dealt with bounty hunters, lacking the credits and finding the hunters' methods contradictory to their ideals. Most often, however, bounty hunters were hired by individuals - particularly criminals. The Exchange, Black Sun, and Jabba the Hutt were particularly fond of using bounty hunters, both for their effectiveness and their availability.


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The Bank of the Core is one of the galaxy's largest banking institutions. The Bank of the Core was one of the original signatory sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority, also owning a majority interest in over 3,000 different banking corporations in and out of the Corporate Sectory. The Bank also mints most of the Authority's currency and controls over three-quarters of the loans issued in the Sector.

The Corporate Headquarters can be found on Coruscant, although there is a secondary operations center on Etti IV to oversee all operations within the Corporate Sector Authority.

Corporate Operations

First and foremost, the Bank of the Core is a bank. Responsible for large sums of credits, both in terms of deposits and credits loaned out, the Bank operates on a galactic scale. To further increase the security of the deposits on record, the Bank has spread out into other areas to help increase its profit margins.

Bespin Mining Operations

Announced towards the closing of 18 ABY, the Bank of the Core closed on a deal that gave the company the controlling share in Bespin's mining operations of tibanna gas. To help bolster the deal, the Bank established a new Baroness Administrator to operate Cloud City and to help bring in new economic forces to further increase profits. On top of this, the Bank decided to contract out security to Paladin Security Consultants to save the cost of training and equipping more security forces.

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